We can provide and install a complete system for commercial and recreational fishing craft. We offer a range of products from Simrad including automatic pilots, GMDSS handheld radios, fish finding echo sounders, gyrocompass, wireless trawl positioning and monitoring systems, GPS and Chartplotters, Purse Seine systems, radars, trawl sonar systems and VHF communications.

See below for a selection of some of our recommended products:

Automatic Pilots

The range of automatic pilots from Simrad are suitable for all types of commercial and sports fishing boats.


Navigation is made simple with the range of GPS and Chartplotters from Simrad. Using the latest “All in View” satellite tracking technology combined with the dual channel Differential (DGPS) receiver for the most accurate positioning available.

GMDSS Handheld VHF

The Simrad AXIS GMDSS radios have become internationally recognised as outstanding examples of design and performance in handheld VHF communication.

Purse Seine System

The Simrad PI30 Purse Seine information system obtains information from up to three depth sensors mounted on the purse seine net. The net’s depth is displayed in large digits, or as easy to understand graphics on the compact display unit.


The new ES60 Echosounder from Simrad has the best fish finding properties of any product in its field, up to four frequencies and single, dual and split beam transducers allow fishing in shallow as well as in very deep water.


Simrad’s new sonars offer short and long range performance using advanced wide band transducer design combined with digital transmitting and receiving technology. A frequency modulated (FM) transceiver with special filters enhances fish detection and definition under difficult conditions, while extending the detection range.


The Simrad radars are designed to be used in the harshest conditions that you may experience onboard commercial fishing vessels.


The best performance of an autopilot can be obtained when connected to a gyrocompass. The Simrad range of gyrocompasses can be used for accurate heading information for all types of equipment.

Simrad FS20 / 25 Series

Unique, real-time trawl imaging for specific types of fishery. The new Simrad FS20/25 Series Trawl Sonar System. The ultimate third wire vertical and horizontal trawl monitoring system.

ITI Trawl Instrumentation

Simrad ITI is a complete wireless trawl positioning and monitoring system designed to improve control and efficiency in pelagic and bottom trawling. Small robust battery powered sensors mounted on the trawl transmit important information to the vessel on request. The Simrad ITI provides the skipper with the exact position of the gear and what is happening in and around the trawl, providing all crucial information for effective, profitable and responsible fishing.

VHF Communication

Simrad offers a complete range of VHF radiotelephones, fixed units and handheld models.

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