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Navico set to acquire Naviop

Posted by:secure onJuly 3, 2017

Marine electronics group Navico has agreed to acquire Naviop, a leader in marine monitoring and control systems, to enhance its system integration expertise. The Norway-headquartered group plans to create a digital ecosystem for leisure boats, workboats and passenger vessels by using Naviop’s knowledge.

The purchase should enable Navico to integrate its own marine electronics brands, including Simrad, Lowrance and B&G, with multifunction displays and more advanced networks. The displays would become the hubs for complete system control and information to improve the awareness of mariners.

Navico chief executive Leif Ottosson wants to emulate the integration that road vehicle manufacturers have developed for motorists in the marine sector. He added: “As a marine industry, we have fallen behind the curve to provide the same level of convenience and control.”

He said Navico would take a step forward to provide comprehensive system integration packages to vessel builders through the Naviop deal. “These fully integrated marine electronics systems will enhance the experience for mariners.”

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