Northern Lights

In the early 1980’s the Northern Lights began designing and manufacturing propulsion engines and marine generator sets based on the same Komatsu industrial blocks which ADE had already used in land-based generators. Expanding into the larger engines and generator sets gave the company unlimited international market potential. Northern Lights had become a recognized worldwide leader in power production. Environmental and space-saving considerations led to a number of innovative products and solutions, including DECS Diesel Emission Cleaning System, PTO-capability on most units and fully electronic engines.


TECHNICOLD offers a line chilled water air conditioning and water heating systems for environmental climate control of the marine vessel, both power and sail. The climate control systems are designed for the marine environment, constructed with 316L stainless steel and other quality corrosion resistant materials providing years of corrosion free service while maintaining the original new appearance.

TECHNICOLD Chilled Water Air Handler TECHNICOLD chilled water air conditioning systems incorporate one or more self-contained water chillers that can be located separately or placed in a rack for ease of service in one central location. TECHNICOLD water chillers are constructed in the smallest attainable size to take advantage of any and all feasible installation locations.

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