Shore Converters, Shore Power & Marine Generators

shore Converters

Electrical Marine are experienced working with shore converters, shore power and generators. We work with several equipment manufacturers so we can ensure we are installing the best equipment for your requirements.

Atlas Marine : World Leader in the design of marine electrical power systems they provide shorepower frequency converters, onboard frequency converters,  switchboards and power management systems, audio entertainment power conditioners and electrical engineering and design services.

ASEA : Established implementation of products in commercial, marine and military markets. Provide shore power converters, AC voltage regulators, convenience power converters, isolation transformers, switchgear components and support components.

Northern Lights : Provides a complete line of marine generators. Powered by rugged Lugger diesels and proven in commercial fishing boats, high performance yachts and passenger vessels.

Marinco : Leader in harsh environment electrical products offering a wide range of high quality electrical components. Products range from shore-power connections, to power conversion and power management products.

Mastervolt : Innovative power systems for autonomous use. Mastervolt’s power conversion products offer cutting-edge technology, quality and reliability. Products include battery chargers, sine wave inverters, solar charge regulators, combis and DC-DC converters.

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