Shore Power Converters

shore power converters

Electrical Marine is experienced in installing and reprogramming as required, the 3 leading shore power converter suppliers. We are the only organisation outside of the factory that has the technical training and software tools to fault find and perform software updates. The 3 shore power converter suppliers are:

ASEA Power Systems

  • Power levels from 8-105kVA (1 Phase) to 25-750kVA (3 Phase).
  • The converter accepts any shore power service between 40-70Hz and 170-520VAC.
  • Dual conversion standard on all products. This means the shore power service is isolated by transformers then converted to direct current (DC) power by the power factor corrected power supply. Then high efficiency, high performance amplifiers (inverters) convert DC voltage to alternating current (AC) voltage.  This technique produces different AC voltages at specified frequencies to provide the correct power.
  • Each model is in a drip-proof, stainless steel enclosure.
  • All major components are modular so modules can be exchanged if needed.
  • Maintenance and servicing can be carried out from the front.
  • Power analysis and monitoring from front panel display console.


  • Specialises in the design and development of solid-state power systems.
  • Wide range of products.
  • Modular design so modules can be exchanged for minimal repair downtime.
  • Maintenance free design.
  • Advanced diagnostic systems.
  • The PwrKart™ Series includes lightweight 115/200VAC, 400Hz, 28 VDC, and 270VDC mobile converters for aircraft ground power applications in the hangar or ramp area. They are easily maneuvered by a single person.
  • The 28 VDC mobile PwrKart™ provides 425 amps continuous output power, with starting currents from 2000 amps and is capable of running off of 50 or 60Hz sources.
  • Combination A/DC GPU providing simultaneous 115/200VAC, 400Hz with 28VDC power from a single unit.

Atlas Marine

  • World leader in the design of marine electrical power systems.
  • Solid state frequency converters for reliable onboard power from a dockside connection anywhere in the world. For mega yachts the converter is installed on board. For smaller yachts there is the Autophase Auto Isolation Transformers.
  • Most complete product line of “ShorPOWER” frequency converters and TecPOWER switchboards.
  • Single-source electrical power system solution for marine usage.
  • Operated by controlling airflow. An aspect ratio has been used to minimize floor space and eliminate need to remove multiple components to access parts if they fail. Only front and bottom access required for airflow ensuring minimal space is used. No other marine frequency converter provides such a low weight with all the standard features.

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